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Posted by Christine Busaba on

Hot damn, hot water, hot shower. It is hot girl summer!! It’s also August and honestly … WTF. That’s about all I can say. Wtf. When did this happen. Who allowed this to happen. I want names. 

I will not let this month get away from us though, so we are fully immersing ourselves into hot girl summer. These last weeks of summer are for us, so do what you want to do, be who you want to be, soak up the last of these long and lingering days. Do you. Whatever that looks like, do you. 

Here are 3 quick things inspiring me this week along with a roundup of my favorite little corners around the web.

Get out there, everyone. And listen to Chance’s album on a loop because it’s been a week and it’s still a vibe

// I’m obsessed with Vogue’s 73 Questions and it feels like the grown up version of MTV Cribs. Do you ever wonder what the voice behind the videos in like? Because same. 

// I also want all of these prints in any size plastered all over my room. Always here for a badass female illustrator

// People talk a lot about digital detoxes. I’m not ready for a full-blown detox, but even small changes in your phone usage patterns can make a huge difference

// Katie loves magazines and still gets physical magazines delivered to her apartment. Even Playboy Magazine is making a comeback - can millennials save it?  

// If you’re bored of the 36 Questions to Fall in Love, here’s a whole new set of questions to use with your partners, friends, strangers on the street

// This meal template is my favorite way to eat all summer long and the way to take advantage of end of summer produce because it’s stone fruit season and it’s a vibe

// It feels like every season is engagement season and my instafeed is cluttered with engagement rings. Look, I’m happy for you, I swear, but why do other accomplishments get less attention?

// I’ve been decorating my new apartment in New York and buying art is way more challenging than it should be. This new site though has some really amazing and inspiring pieces

// I have immigrant parents and lost my grandmother last summer, so I’m super curious to see the buzzy new movie, The Farewell



That’s it for this week. We’ll drop in soon with Katie’s inspiration. You won’t want to miss it because despite appearances, we’re wildly different people.

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