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Noosletter #4

Posted by Christine Busaba on
Noosletter #4


Hello hello!

This is it. The last week of February, and after February's over, it's March and March is basically the end of winter, right? Right?

*Almost there*

Anyway... did you watch the Academy Awards last night? We kind of liked the host-less format. Also, we know you're supposed to have seen the movies before the awards show, but now we have a list of movie backlog to get through. Maybe that's what we do with these last few weeks of winter.

As usual, here are our favorite readings and random tidbits from around the web - what inspired us, what we're talking about and what we're coming back to later

Here are some of our favorites from around the web...

// It wouldn't be the Oscars if we didn't talk about the fashion. It was lots of unique silhouettes, lots of pink and lots of structured shine

// And while we're at it, why don't we take a trip down Oscars fashion memory lane?  Halle Berry's 2002 dress is still one of our all time favorites. 

// Even more fashion this week after losing the iconic Karl Lagerfelt. Anna Wintour's tribute was particularly touching.

// Also interesting to look back on the small facets of a fascinating world Lagerfeld created

// You've probably heard of Tulum, but have we already killed it?

// A funny piece on what to say when you don't know what to say: "Wow, I never thought of that." And then you never have to...

// We talk so much about work-life balance. Can we stop already?

// It's a strange world we live in when kids grow up and realize that so much of their lives was already online without their permission

// A dreamy mid-century modern NYC apartment. Goals. 

// And we know what we said about winter, but we will be squeezing all we can of the last days of winter citrus season



That's our offering for the week. As always, you know where to find us. Text us, email us, send us snail mail. Tell us just about anything on your mind.  We're building Noofood for you. 

- Katie & Christine

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