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Posted by Christine Busaba on

I’m a sucker for a killer playlist. Spotify New Music Friday is one thing I look forward to every week. I watch more music videos than just about anyone.  I don’t play or create music myself, but in my mind at all times is a rotating playlist. I like to think about my life through the lens of having a constant soundtrack running in the background. It’s my form of self-expression mixed with escape - who I am meets who I want to be. 

This is our first mixtape, so consider this our warm introduction to our world. It’s 12 songs, 43 minutes. We’re going from sexy and sultry to a quick drive down the California coast and on to a dream-like sequence before the big, high energy, hopeful finale.

There’s gonna be good times, so come join us on this journey. This is just the beginning:

Tracklist and Descriptions:

  1. Issues/Hold On - Teyana Taylor: She’s the queen of seduction and soul and wraps you up into her sultry persona

  2. With You - Lil Wayne ft. Drake: An older rap ballad from the days when Lil Wayne was more famous than Drake, so let it transport you back to 2010

  3. Mad - Solange, Lil Wayne: A tempoed, melodic and deeply absorbing track on anger, madness and letting go

  4. Pussy is God - King Princess: She’s an LGBTQ icon and she’s only 20 years old. This song’s fun, bold and powerful

  5. Free Spirit - Khalid: Khalid is all over the airwaves, but in this less famous song, you’ll feel like you’re driving down the California coast with the top down and the sun shining

  6. Topanga - Trippie Redd: Equal parts angelic and frenetic, the 20-year-old Trippie Redd delivers another coastal California cruiser

  7. Wildfire (OVO Remix) - SBTRKT, Drake: Synthesizers, trippy vocals and a dose of Drake make Wildfire a captivating fantasy-like escape

  8. Season 2 Episode 3 - Glass Animals: A little bit psychedelic, this song takes you a little bit further into this dream word. 

  9. Dream Dream Dream - Madeon: The song title is self-explanatory, but this is a heightened choir-induced dream. It’s short on words, but wildly bright 

  10. The Glory - Kanye West: This is off his third studio album Graduation and at the height of his chipmunk soul style. Cocky yet charming, this is the old Kanye.

  11. Nothing to Regret - Robinson: Reminiscent of 90s pop songs, Robinson is able to take us into an all-around feel good, belt it out, sing-along song. 

  12. I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) - Jamie xx, Young Thug: The grand finale to this mixtape, but the end is just the beginning of our journey

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