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Posted by Christine Busaba on

Welcome. To. The Party.

We started a company. We graduated. We moved. New York City is our new home. Well, it’s not fully home yet, but we’re getting there. Our whole lives have been turned upside down and we’re terrified, but in the best possible way. 

Katie and I are not New York City natives by any means (Go Patriots !! … and maybe go Chiefs), but we have a reserved optimism about our adopted city.

What we have an overt optimism about are Noofood and the bomb team we’re hiring and the products we’re building and the content we’re pushing out on this blog and beyond. 

Around these parts, you’ll find everything you need about navigating dog ownership, tips on your dog’s wellness, profiles of owners just like you and anything in between that can make the best possible life for you and your dog in the city. 

If you want to read about why we started Noofood, you can find all the details here

We’re building great products to make your dog as happy and healthy as can be. We want to put your mind at ease and help you become the best possible dog parent out there. We also want you guys to help us build this thing and get to know each other because raising a dog in a city is amazing. We’re starting with nutrition, but Noofood is about so much more. 

You all trust us to build great products for you and your dogs. You trust us to give you the best dog care advice out there and to guide you to experts when we fall short. You trust us to serve you in so many ways as you navigate dog ownership. It’s still a little crazy how much trust you’ve put into us, and we’re so grateful. 

But if you’re going to trust us, you should also know us. You should know what’s happening behind the scenes. You should know what’s going on in the background as we navigate entrepreneurship for the first time because this isn’t about us, it’s about you. And you deserve radical transparency. The real real. 

Because a week into formally being settled into our office, we’ve made some big progress. Last Wednesday, the pint packaging for all our food arrived … all 16,000 pints in 72 boxes on 2 pallets, delivered in a huge truck. I got a call from Katie as I was getting off the subway to the tune of, “Yeah, can you come meet me around the corner? We have a bit of a problem”. 

Yep, Katie, we do have a bit of a problem. Besides our two desks that are barely able to see out into the hallway, our office is entirely boxes. We may have also taken over an office on a different floor with our boxes. Don’t worry, someone’s coming on Monday to move them all into a storage unit. Everything’s going great. Crushed it. Firing on all cylinders.

But that’s the thing, more often than not, that’s what our days are going to be like. Okay, well, hopefully fewer boxes are at our office … but definitely more mishaps and fumbles than perfectly curated Instagram feeds and pristine pop-ups. 

So you’ll find dog care and dog wellness advice around here, but you’ll also find us: Just two female founders, building a company for the first time. Figuring it out (or not) as we go along. 

This is Inside Out - bringing you to the inside of what it’s like to found a company. It’s the beginning of something special around here. We’re Katie and Christine. We’re overwhelmed, but we can’t wait to have you join us. 

Here we go!

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