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Noosletter #8

Posted by Christine Busaba on
Noosletter #8


Friends! It's been ages. AGES. We're so sorry to leave you hanging like that, but dang, can we tell you we missed you? Can we also tell you that the summer sun has you glowing? We know, we know - we can't see you, but we can feel it.

Happy unofficial start of summer, the best season around.

Don't get us wrong, the humidity, bugs and the inevitability of losing your sunglasses are questionable. But there's something in the endlessly long days and the incredibly vivid sunsets and the ability to turn ice cream into a meal that's just ...

Even for our cynics out there, the strangers on the street are marginally less grumpy and pushy. That's a win on its own.

Around here, we're channeling this summer energy into optimism and inspiration. We're working on big things over at Noofood and it's all coming together this summer for you and your dogs.

As usual, here are our favorite readings and random tidbits from around the web - what inspired us, what we're talking about and what we're coming back to later

Here are some of our favorites from around the web...

// Allow me to convince you to take a lunch break - a lost piece of American worktime culture

// What's your number? It feels like everywhere we look enneagrams are taking over and we're curious, have you taken the test? Do you buy into it?

// In an era of trashng everything that doesn't spark joy, there's still the magic of estate sales. The objects we own tell the story of our lives and that's kind of neat.

// So many fashion brands are now launching podcasts. The verdict's still out

// Apple continues to be the most powerful brand in the world, but tech dominates the top 5

// Lizzo is having a moment and we are here for it. We're praising whatever music, movie and entertainment gods brought her to us because she's a full vibe

// If you don't know Joy the Baker, allow us to introduce you to this food blogger, cookbook author and all around inspirational writer. HBD, Joy. 

// Let's take a peak inside Jessica Alba's modern yet cozy California home

// Hell is other people's travel instagrams and the havoc they wreak on the environment - an argument in favor of sustainability

// And lastly, the Hills - the OG reality TV show - is back without Lauren Conrad, but with Mischa Barton. It's all very confusing, but honestly, we're watching it. 



That's our offering for the week. As always, you know where to find us. Text us, email us, send us snail mail. Tell us just about anything on your mind.  We're building Noofood for you. 

- Katie & Christine

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