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Noosletter #6

Posted by Christine Busaba on
Noosletter #6


Hello hello!

We're back. How is your week going? Wednesdays feel like that point in the week where it starts being appropriate to ask about people's weekend plans without it being too, too far away.

SO, what do you have going on this weekend?

Have you seen the movie "You've Got Mail"? The one where Meg Ryans plays the owner of a small children's bookstore trying to protect her business from Tom Hanks' character who owns a national chain of mega bookstores called Fox Books (along the lines of a Barnes & Nobles)?

We watched it for the first time in a while and it was A TRIP. It's made in 1998. The internet is new and you've got dial-up sounds, email instead of instant messaging and chat rooms instead of dating apps. But don't worry, meeting someone online is still as awkward as ever.

The irony is that in a 2019 remake, Amazon would wipe out Fox Books by shipping everything only to come in later and open Amazon Books. It's all very confusing.

We have a lot more musings about this movie, but we'll spare you the intimate details. Ramblings over. Maybe watch it this weekend.

As usual, here are our favorite readings and random tidbits from around the web - what inspired us, what we're talking about and what we're coming back to later

Here are some of our favorites from around the web...

// The urban-rural divide can feel huge sometimes, but maybe the way to mend fences is through 'homecomings'

// The college admissions scandal is still wild. Sometimes to get perspective, it helps to think about how a foreign correspondent would report it

// We're still obsessed with all things Theranos - let's take a look inside Elizabeth Holmes's last days there

// Americans rode the wave of open floorplan designs, but now people are missing their walls because it turns out, they were there for a reason

// Late night is getting its first female host and it's a really big deal. Bow down to Lilly Singh

// What do you think about eating the same lunch every day? Yay or nay?

// And is choosing to sleep in separate beds the last great relationship taboo?

// The mental health crisis among our youth is rampant. We're quick to blame technology and social media, but it's a lot more complex than that

// Since we started this newsletter ragging on 1998, here's a gentle reminder of what life was like before the internet

// And just for fun -tell us about the day Instagram went down



That's our offering for the week. As always, you know where to find us. Text us, email us, send us snail mail. Tell us just about anything on your mind.  We're building Noofood for you. 

- Katie & Christine

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