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Noosletter #7

Posted by Christine Busaba on
Noosletter #7


Hello hello! How are you doing? How are you feeling? How are we already on the last day of March?

It. Is. Wild.

If we're being honest, this time of year is weird. Days are longer, we have more sunlight and the weather's about to turn, but all of that anticipation and expectation is somehow leaving us ... uneasy.

It's that feeling where you know that you should be outside and soaking up every minute of springtime and your mood and energy levels should be up, but you're not quite there yet and you feel bad about not being there

It might be that early spring signals change and change is a little unnerving, but we're curious - are any of you also feeling this way? How do you cope with changing seasons, and if not changing seasons, what do you do when you're just feeling BLAH?

As usual, here are our favorite readings and random tidbits from around the web - what inspired us, what we're talking about and what we're coming back to later

Here are some of our favorites from around the web...

// Glossier's art deco inspired Miami pop-up is everything - need to visit ASAP. And ICYMI, Glossier became a unicorn this week

// Say what you will about the Kardashian clan, but these are some girl bosses if we've ever seen some

// And while we're on the topic of girl bosses, can we stop telling women to write emails like men? K thanks.

// Following your own path is tough but important, and a growing number of young people are choosing trade school over traditional college 

// Having fun is a virtue, not something to feel bad about. Life should be full of joy, so let's get out there

// Kids apparently stop reading for fun at the age of 9. How do we encourage them to keep doing it as they grow up?

// A long, but beautiful read for the week on when mountains were ugly and when we discovered their magic 

// Another long read. Much more creepy, but in tune with the times we live in

// Frank Sinatra's home is for sale. Let's take a quick look inside...

// And some parting recipes for longer and warmer spring days, but when carbs are still life



That's our offering for the week. As always, you know where to find us. Text us, email us, send us snail mail. Tell us just about anything on your mind.  We're building Noofood for you. 

- Katie & Christine

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